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Infiltrate a marketing-savvy community to introduce a new-kid-on-the-block rum brand.


The Challenge.

Launch Dead Man’s Fingers within a crowded spiced rum category to create a meaningful PR and social buzz.

Real World Thinking.

The spiced rum market is highly competitive. Many brand launches have failed to make an impact by following familiar, tired clichés based on Caribbean roots, reggae music or jolly pirates. We knew that to launch Dead Man’s Fingers successfully (on a shoestring budget and with limited brand guidelines), we needed to creatively distinguish the brand in a way that would make our trendy target audience take note.

We decided to focus on Dead Man’s Fingers iconic skull, the brand’s number one asset. Our strategy was to create an experience that celebrated the skull, generating buzz around the feature that would make us most distinctive in the market.

The Execution.

The answer was SkullCuts, a barbershop with a difference that was dedicated only to styles close to the bone. Whether full shaves, fades or undercuts, this was the place to celebrate your cranium, all washed down with a choice of Dead Man’s Fingers long drinks and cocktails. The activation brought Dead Man’s Fingers skull to the forefront of culture, generating press that portrayed the brand in the stylish, iconic way we knew would resonate with our target audience.

The Results.

  • Open for 3 fully booked days
  • 70 Craniums crafted
  • PR: 4.6M impressions
  • Social: 358,945 impressions and 2,641 engagements

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