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The Futures Lab

The Futures Lab, from Sense, is an in-house research & development lab established to drive innovative brand experience solutions in our ever changing world.


Welcome to the Future

As moments of immersion and involvement come in many forms, The Futures Lab work includes applying the core principles of effective engagement to create innovative forms of brand experience that go beyond traditional live and face to face interactions.

The Futures Lab is the latest innovation from Sense, a strategically-driven Brand Experience agency that produces unique creative moments to capture the hearts and minds of any audience. We are passionate about creating thoughtful real-world experiences that impact culture and reach communities in meaningful ways.

What is an experience?

It’s involvement. It’s the feeling of being part of something. Where your actions matter, and communication isn’t a one way street. For years, this has meant marketing face to face, in a live environment. Creating a social dynamic between a brand, its people, and its customers.

This is great.

But brand experiences go way beyond this.


Now is the time for the next wave of brand experience.